Planning Committee:

The Planning Committee is a Statutory Consultee to South Bucks District Council, which is the Planning Authority.  Applications can now be viewed online and there is a comprehensive search facility by address or application number: click here

The Committee consists of at least seven Parish Councillors, one of whom is the Chairman. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council are ex-officio. The quorum is three members.

A summary of the role of the Committee is to deal with all planning matters including the perusal of planning applications affecting the parish and the submission of relevant observations to the Planning Authority ie South Bucks District Council and to make recommendations to the Council in relation to the approval or otherwise of any development plan or strategy proposals under planning legislation affecting the Parish. To make representations to the local Planning Authority on any application referred to the Parish Council and on any other planning matter.  

Full details of the Terms of Reference of the Planning Committee can be found here.