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Terms & Conditions 

Burnham Advantage Cards will be issued on proof of address and identity. To qualify for a card, you must be a resident in Burnham and upon application must provide his or hers own proof of address and identity. The Advantage card may only be used by the person who has applied for the card. The Advantage Card must always be shown before taking advantage of any discounts provided by the Village. ​The Advantage Card is not transferable and may only be used by the person who acquired the card. It should be noted that Burnham Parish Council reserves the right to withdraw the card and its privileges at any given moment. The card remains the property of the council and must be returned upon request. The information provided in the benefits listing is subject to alterations without notice, and will not be accepted with additional third party offers. Burnham Parish Council will not be liable for any loss or damage that has occurred from the use of the facilities, businesses and service offered by the scheme, therefore, any issue or claims should be dealt with by the organisation or person involved.  

It is the cardholders responsibility to notify Burnham Park Hall by email: immediately of any changes of address or lost card. The personal details used to produce the card will be held by Burnham Parish Council (and Burnham Park Hall as an issuing site) which will be processed in accordance with the principles of Data Protection Act (DPA). 

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