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Street Lights & Outdoor Furniture 

Street Lights 

Some street lights in Burnham are maintained by the Parish Council, and others by Buckinghamshire County Council. A full list of the Parish Council street lights is available here, you can report any street lights directly to us by filling in our form here. If you prefer, you can call us or click here for our contact details. All faults with our lights should be fixed within a week of being reported.

If you know it’s a Buckinghamshire County Council street light you can report it here.
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Benches & Park bins 

We manage all the benches and bins within our parks and playgrounds and we also provide benches on streets around the village. If you notice any problems with street furniture, you can get in touch here.

All litter and dog waste bins on the streets are managed by Buckinghamshire Council.


For any issues, you can contact them directly here. 


Hanging baskets and planters

We look after the hanging baskets on and around Burnham High Street and the Eastfield Road shops, as well as the Obelisk on the High Street which is kindly sponsored by the Burnham Business Association.

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