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MVAS (Moveable Vehicle Activated Sign)

Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS) are electronic signs which only become activated when approaching motor vehicles are exceeding a certain speed.  The electronic speed signs are great for self-deployment to improve road safety and encourage safer driving speeds. MVAS are intended to be used as a traffic calming measure and a speed awareness tool. When a vehicle approaches the sign at a speed greater than the legal speed limit for the road the MVAS will flash that legal speed.

Good News! Burnham Parish Council have recently purchased 4 Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS) and these were installed in September 2023. This has been a (very) long and tedious process but we got there in the end!

The Burnham Parish Council is grateful to acknowledge the funding provided by the Burnham Beeches Community Board, a division of Buckinghamshire Council. This support has been instrumental in enabling the purchase of the MVAS equipment.


Buckinghamshire Council who are the ‘Highways Authority’ for the area, allow the signs to be displayed at the following 14 locations:

Dropmore Road

Opposite Poyle Lane turning

On verge by Norelands Drive turning

Fairfield Road

Lent Rise Road

On verge after Nicholas House

Hogfair Lane

On grass verge just before school exit

On grass verge before school entrance

Stomp Road

On grass verge before Tennis/Bowls Club

Gore Road

On verge at Almond Road junction

Nursery Road

Grass verges around No 70

Conway Road

Grass verge outside No 30

Huntercombe Lane North

At junction with Huntercombe Close

Eastfield Road

Junction with Bingham Road

Britwell Road

Next to planters opposite no 32

Littleworth Common 

Opposite the Jolly Woodman

The signs are regularly moved around the Parish rotatating between these sites on a monthly basis.


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