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This group is campaigning for a new, high-performing, non-selective secondary school on the Opendale Road School site in Burnham. (* non-selective means no entrance exams, and not a grammar school)


Currently, the 70% of children who do not pass the 11+ must travel out of the area to school, enduring a longer school day and costing parents more than £1100 per child. Burnham is the only place in Buckinghamshire to have a grammar school but no corresponding non-selective secondary school. This clearly discriminates against the majority of the children in the area, as only those who pass the 11+ can go to school locally.


The basics:


  • 1960 Burnham Grammar School opened.

  • 1980s Buckinghamshire Council attempted to close BGS. Parents and the local community protested and the decision by Bucks Council was over-turned by the Secretary of Education.

  • 2023 Burnham Grammar School is now an over-subscribed thriving school.

  • 1969 Burnham Upper School (non-selective) opened. 

We had a busy school and it was full to capacity for many years.

  • 2012 School was transferred to E-ACT Academy. 

  • 2012 Ofsted inspection rated the school as ‘requiring improvement’.

  • 2014 onwards school declined in inspections until it’s closure.

Student numbers reduced, as expected, for a declining school.

Parents & Guardians found solutions for their children under duress.

  • 2019 instead of fixing the problem, the decision was made to close the school.

A narrow assumption was made that families were happy to send their children to Maidenhead.

Parents & Guardians were not consulted adequately.

  • 2020 the local community, parents & guardians, several local teachers and Headteachers raised the concern that a school needs to re-open at this site.

  • 2020 October this campaign group started with their support.

  • Onwards – verified data gathered, student numbers reviewed, local birth trends and housing researched. We have enough numbers for a school.

  • TODAY – Do Something!  Click here


This new school is the opportunity for ALL our children in the local area

attending ALL the local Primary Schools.

Please join us.


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  • Instagram
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