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On Monday 15th March 2021 Burnham Parish Council declared a climate emergency and pledged to working towards net zero carbon by 2030.

The Burnham Climate Emergency Working Group have begun working on a variety of projects in order to achieve this. (Terms of reference for this group can be seen here).

In 2023 all aspects of Council operations were audited in relation to their 'green' credentials, the initial results of this audit can be seen here.  The Council will shortly be compiling a strategic plan to address the issues raised.

To calculate your carbon footprint please click here. The average household in the SL1 postcode has a estimated carbon footprint of 14.8 tonnes, the 2022 UK emissions target is currently 10.5 tonnes per household.

If you would like to get involved please or if you would like to suggest a project for consideration please get in touch.


June 2023

Reduced energy consumption in Burnham Park Hall by 5% on the same month last year.

Recycled 4.94kg of pringles tubes.

Climate initiatives are now a standing item on all committee agendas.

May 2023

Reduced energy consumption in Burnham Park Hall by 18% on the same month last year.

Switched all cleaning products at Burnham Park Hall to a line made with plant based, environmentally friendly ingredients.

April 2023

Moved the electricity contract for all street lighting to a 100% green renewables contract.

Reduced energy consumption in Burnham Park Hall by 9% on the same month last year.

Removed all beef from the Pitchside café, reducing food related carbon emissions.


March 2023

Upgraded old inefficient refrigeration at both Burnham Park Hall and Pitchside.

Installed a bike rack at the Pavilion at George Pitcher Memorial Ground.

Planted 400 saplings at George Pitcher Memorial Ground.

Reduced energy consumption at BPH by matching kitchen refrigeration to usage.

Increased public recycling options at BPH.

February 2023

Purchased a more energy efficient infrared heater for BPH reception.

Began adjusting the BPH building controls around the building occupancy to save energy.

'Pigeon proofed' the solar panels at George Pitcher to increase efficiency of the panels.

Introduced mixed recycling in all offices.

Installed thermometers in all rooms at BPH for more accurate temperature monitoring.

January 2023

Switched all office paper to 100% recycled.

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