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Easy ways to cut your carbon footprint

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Tip 1

Every minute 1 million plastic bottles are brought into the world, worldwide 91% of these are not recycled. Most will either end up in landfill or worse they will end up in the ocean, causing harm to birds, marine animals and fish. Using a reusable water bottle will reduce an enormous amount of plastic waste and will save you money in the long run.

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Tip 2

Disposable masks are becoming the new plastic bags, people dump them everywhere. They are now appearing on beaches and in the ocean, stop this easily by purchasing reusable masks that can be washed and worn again if you are not required to wear a surgical type mask. If you have to wear a disposable mask then please cut the strings before throwing them away.

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Tip 3

A standard email has an average footprint of 4g of CO2 which accounts for the power data centres and computers spend sending. Data centres consume a huge amount of energy and are very polluting, if it's not needed anymore simply delete it!

Tip 4

Plants can remove toxins from the air, improve health and more!

Tip 5

Cigarette butts are among the oceans biggest polluters, more than plastic bags, bottles or straws. If you smoke, use a bin for your butt!

Tip 6

Most wrapping paper is not recyclable, the majority of it has a plastic component to make it more robust, this means it cannot be recycled. Paper containing foil or glitter can also not be recycled. Make a change by using a more environmentally friendly option for birthday and Christmas gifts.

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