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            Football Pitch Hire Charges 

                    George Pitcher Memorial Ground 2022/23

Screenshot 2023-02-15 143349.jpg
Notes: -The above charges may be amended by the Council at any time based on assessment of the charge/s made to participants by the organiser. -In addition to the relevant fee above, a refundable security deposit of £100 per team is payable by all season hirers. -VAT is payable on all bookings unless they comply with the relevant HMRC criteria. -The duration of a single game/session shall be 90 minutes, excluding any additional time added at the end of the game by an official. -For any information on the hosting of or fees related to tournaments, or mini soccer hire please contact Burnham Parish Council directly. -Each team manager should inform the Parish Council upon booking, of which individual or club is to be invoiced to settle any of the above fees. A valid postal and email address should also be provided for this team/person. -Please contact Burnham Parish Council for any training enquiries including outdoor fitness classes, martial arts, and other group exercise. - up to 11 individuals; should you exceed this; the charge will double. Note: The number of participants allowed on site for any session is limited to 22.

                  For more information contact:

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