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Meeting Room 2 becomes The Paul Sherriff Room

On Friday 23rd June Parish Councillors, family and friends gathered to witness the renaming of Meeting Room 2 to The Paul Sherriff Room.

Council Chairman Marie Hammon said a few words (below) before the name plaque was unveiled.

"We are very honoured and delighted to have been asked to rename ‘Meeting Room 2’ to ‘The Paul Sherriff Room’. Paul Sherriff was an outstanding member of our community, his contribution was far and wide and he touched all areas of Burnham life. We are very proud that he was a Parish Councillor for many years in the 1990s and succeeded in developing The High Street as Chairman of Burnham High Street Association, also he was successful in the remarkable revival of the Burnham Market and was instrumental in reviving the late night Christmas Shopping event, amongst many other things.

Paul Sherriff loved Burnham, it run through his veins, we all benefitted from his tireless work and constant enthusiasm. I met Paul in the 1990s where he helped me win a local campaign to stop development, using his office as a drop off for letters etc.. He also encouraged me to become a Parish councillor. He always supported people and helped them if he could.

He has certainly kept Burnham Parish Council on its toes, making sure that we moved on with tasks and improvements, determined that Burnham was served well. Paul Sherriff was a man of integrity and compassion. So it gives Burnham Parish Council great pleasure to rename Meeting Room 2 to ‘The Paul Sherriff Room’, in honour of his memory and on behalf of his beloved family."



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