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Changes to country park car park charges

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Charges for parking in Buckinghamshire’s three country parks will be increasing slightly from Wednesday 5 July.

Under the new pricing structure, visitors to the popular outdoor spaces will be charged an additional 10p for each time category if paying on the day. The new rates are as follows:

Black Park:

  • 0-2hrs - £3.90 (previously £3.80)

  • 2-4 hrs - £4.70 (previously £4.60)

  • 4+ hrs - £5.70 (previously £5.60)

Langley Park and Denham Country Park:

  • 0-3 hrs - £3.90 (previously £3.80)

  • 3+ hrs - £4.70 (previously £4.60)

Visitors can continue to pay via the Pay & Display machines which take both coins and cards or using the Ringo app.

Those who visit the parks frequently may want to consider buying a yearly permit. The cost, from 5 July, will be £66. Previous annual paper permits are being phased out in place of a digital annual MiPermit. All the information you need to buy a digital permit can be found online.

Clive Harriss, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture and Sport explained the need for the increase to charges. He said: “We know many people will be asking why we are increasing parking charges and will wonder why their council tax payments do not cover such costs. The fact is, the vast majority of the funds we raise through council tax are used for running statutory services such as social care, education services, highways and refuse services. Maintaining the upkeep of our country parks is not a statutory service and so we need to find other ways to source the funding to keep these popular facilities to a high standard and to make improvements over time, such as installing new play areas, upgraded toilet facilities, and regenerating paths and trails.”

Clive continued: “We have kept the cost increase as low as possible so as not to deter people from visiting. We know that most visitors arriving by car are groups or families so in this sense, the charges reflect great value. Our country parks offer a fantastic range of facilities for all ages and are the perfect place to get out and enjoy some fresh air and beautiful countryside. Those who visit regularly may want to consider buying a yearly permit which works out at a cost of only £1.27 a week.”



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