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Dear Parish Council and Partners, More and more people seem interested in wildlife watching and identifying the species which visit their gardens or favourite local places. Unfortunately, not many pass on this valuable information to special interest groups and Local Records Centres. At BMERC (Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Environmental Records Centre) we often receive enquiries about the wildlife people are seeing, how to improve their skills at its identification, and increasingly how they can make the information available publicly as a record of what they have seen. To help answer many of the more common questions we have created a two part online course, open free to anyone who is interested. Comprising two x 1hour sessions online, the course seeks to fill in some of the gaps and help share understanding of what we can record, and how. The course is FREE and is now open to bookings. We’d like to share this opportunity with all our local partners including Parish Councils so that we can make people aware of it in local communities. We know many people have an interest and are keen to support them by providing some key background information and support. Attached is a brief set of notes explaining a little more, and a flyer for the course – please feel free to share these within your Councils and wider local communities; it would be great to get a full house of bookings. The two courses are designed as a pair. They are free to all but you will need to sign up in advance to get access to them, they are booked using the Everbrite platform and will run via Zoom on the day. Bookings are now open, they are grouped into a 'collection' which can be located at Or individually at

We are keen to get as many people to attend as possible so please do sign up. NB you will need to register for both courses separately. Regards Julia Carey Senior Environmental Records Officer Environment Team Planning, Growth and Sustainability Directorate Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Environmental Records Centre (BMERC) Buckinghamshire Council. 6th Floor, Walton Street Offices, Aylesbury. HP20 1UY Tel: 01296 382431 E-mail: Twitter: @BucksMKERC Website:



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