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Following a recent announcement that Thames Water are introducing a hose pipe ban as of 24th August, I wanted to reach out and update you on the finer details behind this in relation to Priority Service Customers.

From Wednesday 24 August, we’re bringing in a hosepipe ban (also known as a Temporary Use Ban) for all customers we supply water to, even if we don't bill you directly. The ban applies to hosepipes, and anything attached to them, like sprinklers and jet washers. However we know some people have restricted mobility which will make using a watering can or bucket instead tricky. I hope the following information helps you support any of your service users with concerns:

If you’re a Blue Badge holder or are on our Priority Services Register for any of the circumstances listed below, you can still use a hose for:

  • Watering your garden/allotment and plants

  • Cleaning your vehicles

  • Cleaning windows, walls, paths, patios or other artificial outdoor surfaces like artificial grass

  • Filling or maintaining a domestic pond

Any of the following circumstances will qualify for an exemption:

  • Chronic or serious illness

  • Dementia or cognitive impairment

  • Physical impairment

  • Restricted hand movement

  • Blind

  • Unable to answer the door

  • Recovering after returning from hospital

  • You use medical equipment which includes:

    • Dialysis, feeding pump and/or automated medication

    • Stair lift, hoist or electric bed

    • Nebuliser or apnoea monitor

    • Heart, lung or ventilator machine

    • Oxygen concentrator

Our website has the full details that can be found here

Any of your service users who aren’t already registered, especially for any of the above conditions should do and they can do that here



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