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Cllr Edwina Glover

Committee membership: Burnham Park Management Committee

Outside bodies membership: Bucks Association of Local Councils


I have lived in Burnham since the 1980s and have represented Lent Rise Ward in the past both at Parish and District Council level. I have worked in the area in many secretarial roles and have taken a keen interest in the local education system during the time my daughter was growing up.

I work part time and am looking forward to joining the many varied clubs that are available during the day when I retire. I am passionate about Burnham and its wellbeing. We used to hold competitions for the best kept front gardens, best ideas for marketing the village, and were kept up to date by the PCSOs on the crime rates in the area. Sadly, these things seem to have slipped and I will be highlighting the need to make Burnham cleaner and safer and looking for new initiatives.

By working closely with the newly elected Unitary Councillors we should be able to access more funding that will enable us to be reinvigorated and the residents proud to live in Burnham Village again.

I think that the elections have proved that there is a belief that determination and variety of thoughts, beliefs, ideas and cultures and willingness to make Burnham better, and I look forward to stepping up to the challenges.

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